Why Viofo memory cards?

High Endurance VIOFO microSD Card

The essential choice for reliable dash cams in industrial quality.

When it comes to recording traffic situations in impressive 4K quality,
Viofo dash cams are at the forefront. However, the performance of a dash
camdepends on the quality of the used SD memory card.
This is where the importance of high-quality Viofo SD memory cards in industrial quality comes into play.

The challenge for SD cards in dash cams lies in the high load
due to continuous write operations. Dash cams record every moment and
intensively utilize the memory card. Unlike inferior cards,
which quickly reach their limits, Viofo SD memory cards offer a reliable solution.

Cheap SD cards often lead to rare errors and significantly affect the functionality of dash cams.
In a short time, write errors and defective blocks can occur, jeopardizing not only the recordings,
but in the worst case scenario, leading to a dash cam failure.

In contrast, Viofo SD memory cards rely on industrial quality and have been
specially developed for demanding use in dash cams. The robust construction
minimizes write errors and ensures consistent performance, even with frequent write operations.

Thanks to the use of high-quality Viofo SD memory cards, you can rely on
your dash cam always delivering flawless recordings in razor-sharp 4K quality.
Invest in the security of your recordings and choose the reliable solution. 

Viofo SD memory cards in industrial quality.
Your dash cam will thank you with long-lasting performance and uninterrupted recordings.