A229 Pro

Firmware Update for Viofo A229 Pro

If a rear camera is present, it is essential to also update the firmware for the rear camera!
It does not matter if it is the standard rear camera, the waterproof rear camera (RWC200), or the Telephoto RTC300.
All three models use the same firmware.

After the firmware update, it is essential to reset the dashcam to the factory settings.

Front camera

Firmware File: FWA229P.bin (63.13 MB)
Version: V1.3_240612

Change Log für V1.3_240612

  • Added:
    • Bluetooth Button Function Settings
    • Rear Camera HDR Settings
    • 21:9 Resolution
    • Parking HDR Settings
    • Daylight Saving Settings and so on
  • Optimized:
    • Footage File Name
  • Fixed:
    • Some bugs

Rear camera / RWC200 / RTC300

Firmware File: EthamTxFw.bin (4.44 MB)
Version: V1.3_240605

Change Log for V1.3_240605

  • Added HDR settings
  • Other bugs fixed